Celsius 80x40 cm, handmade gas grill, smooth, corrugated or mixed double griddle

  • Handicraft product, made in Italy
  • Double plate 80×40 cm in stainless steel AISI304
  • Size: 80x45xH85 cm
  • Three types of griddle: corrugated, smooth or mixed
  • 2 GDM artisan burners: uniform heat distribution
  • Independent cooking griddle ignition
  • Structure treated with paint for high temperatures
  • Power 9 KW
  • Removable legs and plate
  • Quick cleaning

684,00 750,00 

The Celsius grill is made with top quality materials and in a totally handcrafted manner. It is a unique and authentic gas barbecue.

This made in Italy grill is equipped with a double cooking griddle made of AISI304 stainless steel, while the structure is made of sheet metal painted for high temperatures.

The double cooking griddle is available smooth, corrugated or mixed:

  • Smooth griddle: suitable for cooking all types of meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, eggs, polenta, but also piadina!
  • Corrugated griddle: perfect for grilling in the traditional way, in fact it gives the typical grill marks on the food. Suitable for cooking fatty meats.
  • Mixed griddle: made up of two plates, one smooth and the other wavy. Perfect for cooking different foods at the same time.

Celsius is distinguished by its minimal design and professional performance. In fact, our gas barbecue is equipped with two GDM (Grill Direct Manufacturer) burners to ensure even heat distribution, low gas consumption and independent ignition of the cooking griddles.

Our Celsius double gas grill is easily transportable as the legs and plate are removable.

For the collection of liquids, each of our grills has a side collector made of AISI304 stainless steel.

Celsius double is perfect for lovers of Italian-style barbecues. Each Newocm grill is the result of the work of master craftsmen, which is why we are unique and inimitable.

Newocm grills: the craftsmen of the Italian barbecue since 1980!

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