Produced since 1980, the Celsius grill is the result of the work of master craftsmen who have been able to combine their experience with the tradition of Italian barbecue. The Celsius is essential in design and suitable for those who love to surround themselves with authentic, functional and durable things.


The Kelvin line was born from the need to combine the technical characteristics of the Newocm artisan grill with a furnishing product with a modern design. Available in different models, the Kelvin is chosen by those who love to cook outdoors but also by restaurants, festivals, communities, recreational groups, associations.

Special products

The Specials arise from the requests of our customers to have versatile but elegant products.


Whether it’s a new set of grilling tools, spare parts or a sheet to cover your barbecue, Newocm has all the accessories you need to cook outdoors with all the comforts.