About Us

A family business born in the late 1970s, founded by Enzo Narduzzi,an authentic craftsman in the making of made-in-Italy barbecues Newocm has its beginnings as a small workshop, inside the garage of Enzo’s father’s house. In that small workshop, he had the idea of creating a model of grill that was practical and affordable for everyone. In 1980, a patent was filed for the first grill model with an 18/10 stainless steel cooking plate.. This design turned out to be a real success; customers immediately appreciated the practicality and excellent cooking capacity.

Several years have passed since that first patent. Enzo has left us, but his imprint has remained. Today, the company is run by his son Davide Narduzzi and his wife, Angela Maria Cabra Rivera.. Davide is a craftsman like his father was, striving for perfection in every detail to offer unique barbecues and for life.

Newocmis based on the traditional values of craftsmanship without sacrificing the use of cutting-edge technology and quality raw materials. It is precisely for these reasons that we proudly call ourselves the artisans of Italian-style barbecue since 1980!

Thank you Enzo.